A history of Peebles 1850-1990


A history of Peebles from 1850-1990. Authors JL Brown and IC Lawson, with contributions from a range of local experts. Written to commemorate the 850th Anniversary of the granting by King David I of Scotland (1124-1153) of the Charter which made Peebles a Royal Burgh.

Written in 1990, "The History of Peebles: 1850-1990 is dedicated to the men and women who served during the Second World War and to commemorate the Fallen Sons and Daughters of Peebles and remember them with grateful pride."

The book aims to complement the two volume History of Peebleshire published in 1924 and 1927 resp. by James W Buchan - unfortunately these are not available on-line. They can be viewed as part of the Buchan Papers in the National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh) or purchased from rare book collectors.

Earlier history

William Chambers, a famous native of this area, sought to write a History of Peebleshire, which he published in 1864. This is available to read online via Google Books. Chambers starts in Roman and earlier times and includes detailed engravings, as well as descriptions, of key items of historical note around the local area.

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