About Peebles.Live

Who created and maintains Peebles Live - why?

Peebles Live was created by Andrew Sharpe, a long time resident of Peebles, in 2017.  He created it because he got sick of frequently missing interesting local events.  Groups would publish details on-line or in local newspapers and magazines. Without the time to read all these it was easy to find out too late, or not at all.

Initially Peebles.Live was created to provide one source of event data for a new Alexa Skill - "Peebles Events".  Andrew created this to allow anyone with an Amazon Echo to easily and quickly find out what was going on.

Having set up an events calendar the logical next step was to list the things that the events referred to.  This is how the rest of Peebles.Live came in to existence.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the site, represent a group or organisation not listed, or want any public events added to the calendar, please complete the form at the bottom of every page.

There's so much going on in Peebles that we can never keep up with everything - so Peebles.Live is always a work in progress.  We add more and more content all the time - please do come back again and check our progress.

Peebles Live


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